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+005+ // Expecting the unexpected

That great pest Maora informed me that a suitor is headed this way. Huh. How she managed to find that out before Frederik even told me, I'll never know. Either way, its just a waste of my time. Most of these princesses have nothing beneath the surface anyway.

A large number of people seem to be getting a hold of these books...which makes their origin all the more suspicious. So many seem willing to blithely accept their presence without thought, but I'm not so optimistic. But if nothing else, they have proven informative.


This is said to block my words from others...but there's no telling with these books. I'll simply have to assume this portion is secure.

I can't prevent myself from lingering on what that Lavi person said. Things about...bookman, and detaching oneself from emotions. A group of people that did so...it reminded me of Mytho. And looking at emotions as objects that people can gain...how is something like that even possible? Is Mytho related to these Bookmen somehow? He doesn't seem particularly inclined towards books--more towards dancing, if anything at all.

And if he isn't related to them...is the concept of emotions being entities relevant at all? If...nothing else, its something worth looking into.


[Locked to Lavi]

I have some questions for you. Chose your answers wisely.

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+004+ // The words I don't trust

I found this book on my desk where my journal used to be...I thought it was a frivolous book of fairy tales that someone mistakenly left in my possession, but I've been told its some sort of magical book that can write across distances.

Hmph. Whatever.

I'm not as inclined to trust some suspicious book I know nothing about. If it's truly appeared out of nowhere, then it's bound to be trouble. Particularly since Mytho seems to have received one as well...I wouldn't use it at all if it weren't for the "warning" written in it...which just proves it's suspect.

In any event, I've managed to run into Maora a particularly meddlesome person who responded to my letter and Himawari that annoyingly cheerful person from my dream. So these 'books' apparently were given to quite a few people...how many, and more importantly WHY is the question. But...perhaps I can use this to my advantage, assuming that someone who can help return Mytho's memory is out there. Is he still missing something that girl has? Whatever it is, neither seem aware of it.

That girlHimawari keeps on talking about nonsense about friends and asking whether he feels loneliness or other worthless things...while I can understand wanting to regain memories, a life with an absence of negative emotions seems preferable than without. That idiot didn't even seem to notice being in pain when he fell while dancing.

...Frederik mentioned leaving the summer castle soon, but...I'm hesitant to without finding Mytho's home. Why? It's not as if it really matters and I certainly wouldn't have stopped for anyone before...but that dummy seems without any sense or defenses...and I certainly can't leave him in a position where he doesn't have a way back to where he belongs...

Hn. This is me 'not ingraining myself'? I'm wondering if any of this is worth my time at all...

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[Journal] +003+

I seem to have left this unattended overlong. Then again, there has been little to note, aside from a bizarre dream a month ago. Mytho was there...along with some girl who was constantly smiling. Hmph. As with anyone who smiles that often, I'd have to wonder how real that smile is, but it certainly isn't any business of mine. The only thing I was concerned with is how she acted as if she knew what would restore Mytho's memory while knowing absolutely nothing about the circumstance. That and...what Mytho said...

That she had something he'd lost.

How such a thing would be possible is beyond me, but...given the fact that he's lost his memories, it's nothing to be overlooked. And...assuming this 'Himawari' person exists and isn't just some irritating figment of a dream, eventually, whatever she has would need to be retrieved.

...But...this is nonsense. I said I'd get him to his home, not assist him on a pointless endeavor of finding some airheaded girl because of some stupid dream! It's doubtful that she even exists--the entire concept isn't worth considering.

...Mytho keeps mentioning that 'the girl in his dream' has something he's missing, but I can't fathom what it could be. Other than that...empty dancing of his, it seems to be one of the only things he's retained. And even though I don't intend on ingraining myself in this mess, none of the letters returned to me wielded any great results...and Mytho doesn't seem to have any particular attachment to anything else---Including the concept of self-preservation.

He was watching those baby birds he's so fascinated with for whatever reason and tried to jump out of the damn window because of one of them was falling. Even after I pulled him back inside, that idiot was still concerned about the goddamn bird.

I feel like I'm babysitting a simpleton...but...at least I'm not the one being protected for once.

[Letter] +002+

To Whomever this comes across:

I'm attempting to inquire about a possible missing person. A boy, specifically. He was found on a beach on the edge of Axis Mundi, washed up from the sea. He has white hair, gold eyes and is a complete simpleton has amnesia, thus it is imperative that his original residence be found. If someone is aware of such a person being gone or has an inkling of where he may have originated, respond immediately.

Prince Fakir

[ooc: Several copies of this letter has been sent out on multiple messenger birds. So as many people can find this letter as they want. :D]

[Action] +001+

He had long acknowledged his actions as foolish. But even knowing this, he still continued to walk to the ocean, as if it would explain just why it had returned him to the earth.

He knew he couldn't have been saved by someone; one look at his sodden finery would have told them he was royalty, or at the very least a member of the aristocracy, and they would have certainly waited around for a reward of sorts; he was cynical enough to know that no one did anything without expecting something in return. And from the numerous puzzled questions that had been directed his way when he'd wearily shown up at the castle, he also knew that no one on the boat had jumped in the water looking for him. And why would they? He'd been apart from everyone else, they probably hadn't even noticed he was gone amidst the storm.

Thus, the only explanation was that the sea had put him back on the sandy bank by itself—either to get rid of him or for some other purpose that he'd yet to decipher. And as silly as it seemed, Fakir disliked being in the debt of something, even if were just a body of water. It was irritating enough being a prince, people were constantly out to shelter and protect him when he really wanted to be the protector, he didn't need even the ocean to take that job for him.

So he traveled there yet again, staring out at the gentle waves and pondering just what it expected from him, fully expecting to see nothing as usual, perhaps a family taking a picnic at the most.

But, on this day...he was wrong.

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